Gunmen attack and rob Gupta Dental Clinic

Gunmen attack and rob Gupta Dental Clinic

Two gun touting bandits posed as patients early on Monday morning and carried out a daring robbery at the Dr. Sen Gupta Dental Clinic in Luluni Street, Queenstown in Georgetown.

The surgical dental facility had just opened its doors close to 9 o’ clock, when the two men appeared at the gate and were let into the compound after they said they had appointments.

Reports state that when the men made their way into the clinic they forced the two dental surgeons on duty including the owner Dr. Gupta to lie on the ground as they made their way to the safe keeping box in the building and carted off all the money that was stored in the safe. An amount has not been disclosed but police sources have told News Source that the gunmen made off with a substantial amount of money.

Both men were armed with handguns and pointed them at terrified staffers as they carried out their daring Monday morning robbery and made good their escape  in a waiting grey Toyota Allion motor car. Staffers have given description of the two men to the police investigators. One of the men is of East Indian descent and short in height. The other gunman is of African descent.

Construction workers at a nearby building told police officers that they did not even realise that something was wrong at the dental clinic until the men hurriedly drove off in the waiting motor car.

A clearly traumatised Dr. Gupta appeared at a lost over the incident trying to figure out who would carry out a robbery at a dental clinic on a Monday  morning when the business day was just getting started. Dr. Gupta is an Indian national who is based in the United Kingdom. He opened his Guyana clinic less than a year ago in the city.

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