Normalisation Committee sets date for GFF Congress to elect new executive

Normalisation Committee sets date for GFF Congress to elect new executive

Members of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) will be tasked with electing a new executive on Saturday November 14, with the Normalisation Committee announcing a date for the congress yesterday.

“We’ll have to forward this date now to FIFA and they will push it to their executive committee for approval, but we’re confident that the date will be approved (by FIFA)” explained Normalisation Committee Chairman Clinton Urling while addressing the local media.

After the world governing body installed the five member committee last October, it was stated by Primo Cavaro, FIFA’s Head of Member Association, that the Normalisation Committee, will be tasked to above all, reform the constitution of the GFF and its affiliates.

The GFF at its June 26 Extraordinary Congress, adopted a new constitution, paving the way for the Normalisation Committee to now go through the constitutional reform process of all 22 of its affiliates.

“We’ve already distributed the template to the Member Associations (MA’s) and they will have to convene a meeting to adopt that constitution and then have elections” Urling said, while adding “we have about six weeks minimum to issue a formal notice to our members; we haven’t done that as yet, but we had this meeting to come up with the date and we’ll do it all within the specified time”

Urling met with the Member Associations on Wednesday at the GFF’s Head Office to address the way forward for Congress and it was agreed that November 14 would be ‘D-Day’ football in Guyana.

Urling told the local media, that “the main thing that we (GFF) need is for the MA’s to adopt the new constitution and then hold elections and the Normalisation Committee will be the Electoral Committee to supervise all 22 of those elections”.

The first stop for the GFF and its constitution reform team is Linden, where the Committee will meet with the clubs on Wednesday September 9. (GFF)


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