AG Nandlall hints at other actions to be taken locally against sanctioned businessmen and Permanent Secretary

AG Nandlall hints at other actions to be taken locally against sanctioned businessmen and Permanent Secretary

While rubbishing claims that Guyana’s financial system could be affected by the recent U.S government sanctions against billionaire businessman, Nazar Mohamed, his son Azruddin Mohamed and Permanent Secretary Mae Thomas, Attorney General Anil Nandlall has hinted at possible actions being taken locally against the three when a local probe is completed.

During his “Issues in the News” television programme, Mr. Nandlall said the Government reacted immediately following the disclosures by the U.S Treasury Department a week ago.

Guyana has since requested information from the US government to assist a local investigation into the claims of illegal gold exports, bribery involving government officials and tax evasion. 

In a Stabroek News article, Financial Analyst and Attorney, Christopher Ram, said he believes the sanctions could cast a shadow on Guyana’s financial system and fight against money laundering. But the Attorney General is not in agreement with that position.

“When Guyana’s system will be reviewed again, you will have firm evidence of firm action taken by the government in response to the type of disclosures that we have had from the United States of America. The Vice President speaking on behalf of the Government has made it very clear and I wish to reiterate that position here; anyone who violates the laws of this country will be subject to the legal system. If they violate the laws of another country, then they will have to face the consequences of those violations,” the AG noted.

AG Anil Nandlall

US Ambassador to Guyana, Nicole Theriot, told reporters last Friday that the sanctios against the Mohameds and Permanent Secretary Mae Thomas, was the result of a two and a half year investigation.

The investigation was guarded closely, and local officials and local law enforcement were not provided with any information.

Since the announcement of the sanctions, the Guyana Government has moved to revoke the cambio license for the Mohameds company. The Mohameds have been involved in the gold trade and cambio business for decades.

The Attorney General said other actions could be taken against all three of the sanctioned persons.

“So these are serious and drastic steps that were taken with great promptitude and immediacy by the government of Guyana to demonstrate its commitment to fight transnational crime, financial crime and money laundering type of activities,” the Attorney General stated.

Since the announced sanctions by the US Authorities, there has been no word from the local law enforcement agencies about any investigation being carried out into the statements by the US Treasury Department.

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