BREAKING: Soldier shot dead by colleague at GDF Timehri base

BREAKING: Soldier shot dead by colleague at GDF Timehri base

A row between two soldiers escalated early this morning when one of them armed himself with a service weapon and shot his colleague dead.

The dead soldier has been identified as Private Tevon Daymon. His assailant has been identified as Private Brian Morrison.

The incident took place at GDF Camp Stephenson at Timehri just after 4 o’ clock this morning.

According to senior military officials, initial reports indicate that there was a disagreement between the two ranks that led to a confrontation and fight early this morning.

During that fight, Private Daymon reportedly lashed his fellow rank, Brian Morrison to the head with a piece of wood. As he ran away from the confrontation, Morrison armed himself with a high powered weapon and opened fire, hitting Daymon multiple times to his body. More than 25 shots were fired from the weapon, sending other soldiers at the base running for cover.

The injured officer collapsed on the ground and was eventually taken to the Diamond Hospital where he was pronounced dead moments later. His assailant has since been arrested and remains in Police custody.

The Guyana Defence Force has launched a Board of Inquiry into the deadly shooting incident at the military base, while the Police conduct their own investigations.

News Source understands that a feud was brewing between the two men for days, and despite that being known to their superiors, the men were still placed to work with each other on the same shift.

The investigations are ongoing.

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