Fire that gutted Christ Church school was deliberately set – says Fire Service

Fire that gutted Christ Church school was deliberately set – says Fire Service

The Guyana Fire Service has concluded that the fire which gutted the Christ Church Secondary School on Middle Street was an act of arson.

In its investigations, the fire service has ruled out the possibility of an electrical issue at the school.

In a statement on Monday, the Fire Service said it has been working overtime to investigate the root cause of the fire at the same location where it investigated a smaller fire a few days earlier.

The previous fire was caused by a chemical reaction combustion, but all chemicals were removed from the building, the Fire Service said.

The Fire Service found that the latest and more devastating fire, was maliciously set as there was evidence of several points of origin in the building.

“Finally, taking into consideration the time of day that both fires occurred (16:29 p.m. and 17:22 p.m.), coupled with the fact that the second fire had several points of origin (seats), it is the determination of the Guyana Fire Service that the fire was maliciously set by person or persons unknown,” the Guyana Fire Service concluded.

The Fire Service also said that despite its efforts to contain the blaze last week, more than eighty percent (80%) of the building and its contents were destroyed, with the remainder suffering severe damage.

Additionally, three buildings in close proximity to the school were affected by the fire.

The over 500 students of the school are now being engaged in online classes. They are expected to be housed at the Cyril Potter College of Education. 

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