Mother and teenage daughter found dead in Providence home

Mother and teenage daughter found dead in Providence home

Police investigators are probing the death of a Providence woman and her daughter. The decomposed bodies of the two were found in the woman’s Providence home on Wednesday afternoon.

The dead woman has been identified as 38-year-old Petrous Ross-Latchman. The 13-year-old daughter has been identified as Gabrielle Ross.

The bodies were discovered by the woman’s estranged husband, who explained that the two no longer lived together, since they separated last September. The man suspects it was a case of murder/suicide.

According to the husband, Hemanchal Latchman, he was prompted to visit the East Bank Demerara residence today after calls to his wife’s phone went unanswered. He said he went to the house with the landlord, after he complained also of not hearing from the woman.

“I was there since about 10 calling, nobody answering the phone. I been at the police station and they said it was a private matter. But the landlady she wanted to see the place and she has the contract, she is the owner of the property and I am one who signed the contract, and so, we just pry open the front door and it was smelling, but there is a grill there. We closed it back and went to the police,” the man recalled.

The man said he contacted the Police and the bodies were discovered as they broke into the house.

“According to them, it is unconfirmed that it looked like suicide because they see a set of poison, that’s what they told me,” he said.

In a statement, the police said three plastic bottles, one glass bottle containing liquid substances and two cups were found next to the bodies while two small glass containers containing a whitish substance were recovered from the refrigerator along with a note in the living room.

Latchman recalled that without even an argument, Ross asked for a divorce in September 2022, prompting him to move out of the house. He said by November, the woman ceased all communications with him.

According to the husband, though he moved out of the New Providence home, he continued to pay the rent. He told News Source that by October, the woman indicated to the landlord that she would relocate within three months.

However, the man was forced to show up at the house in January with the police and the landlord because woman had refused to take their calls.

“We had to get a police and pry open the door and she was in there. She and Gabriellie, they were well. They were eating but she did not want to talk to me,” he recalled.

 He said the landlord again requested to visit the house, today, and it was then the discovery was made.

Latchman said that the woman was a private person, and had stopped sending her daughter to school since the start of the COVID-pandemic.

“She is a gentle person, kind. She likes to pray. She likes to pray and was an educated girl,” he said.

The Guyana Police Force is currently investigating the matter. Already samples from the dead woman and her daughter have been taken for forensic tests.

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