Sophia woman stabbed to death; two sisters in custody

Sophia woman stabbed to death; two sisters in custody

A sophia woman was stabbed to death last evening during an argument close to her B field, Sophia home.  The dead woman has been identified as Vanessa Anderson.

Two sisters who live near to the woman in the same Sophia community have since been arrested for the murder.

According to reports, the woman, Vanessa Anderson and the two sisters were involved in an argument that became physical.  It was during the confrontation that one of the sisters used a knife and stabbed Anderson.  She collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

Relatives of the dead woman said the argument between the three women was ongoing for several hours on Monday. They never expected it would have reached such a tragic end since it was not the first time that the three were involved in a row.

Police investigators visited the area shortly after the incident and the two sisters were taken into custody. The investigations are continuing.

The murdered woman was a mother of three.

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