Can’t be rock back Charlie and expect change, Get out and vote -APNU+AFC

Can’t be rock back Charlie and expect change, Get out and vote  -APNU+AFC

Guyanese youths were on Friday encouraged to ensure they are adequately represented at every level of decision making within the
next government. The charge was made as the opposition coalition APNU+AFC took its – “Respect My Vote”  youth rally and unity message to Tucville, Georgetown.

The meeting which was organized by the Guyana Youth and  Student Movement along with Youths for David Granger attracted a large crowd of hundreds of young people.

Chairman of the Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM) Ryan Belgrave delivered a fiery presentation and said it was time for Guyanese youths to stop allowing “arm chair politicians” to make decisions for them and get directly involved in the process.
He said youths stand to make the difference come May 11 when Guyanese head to the polls.

“Guyanese youths will deliver to the people a new government in 2015,” Belgrave said, but cautioned that it will not be
done be talking only but by ensuring every individual ballot is cast on ‘E’ Day. “It is time for a new government… but you have to ensure you get out on elections day and vote early,” he told the cheering and receptive gathering. 1797365_1054692154547625_2891964399231703440_n

Belgrave, who is likely to be included on the coalition’s List of Candidates which will go public on April 7, said the challenges that
face Guyana’s youth stretch far and wide but reasoned that under an APNU+AFC government all challenges will be addressed adequately.

The rally saw presentation from several APNU+AFC youth leaders who all agreed that Guyana is a nation full of possibilities that only “a select few benefit from under the current administration.” The coalition youths said they are “fed up and disinterested in the
pre-1992 rhetoric being spewed by the ruling party and are optimistic that the dawn of a new era is near.”

The APNU+AFC’s Malika Ramsey told the residents that the coalition remains committed, just as in 2011, to deliver a good life to all Guyanese.

Ramsey said youths must demand that their leaders live up to high standards and demand their own participation at every level of government. She boasted of the groundings of the opposition youth base and dared the youth arm of the Peoples Progressive Party to produce at least ten competent members to defend its record as she went onto to appraise the combined political opposition for what she said was a stance against the destruction of Guyana by the PPP.

She said unlike the “uncaring” PPP, the APNU+AFC is keen on its policies to develop Guyana’s human resource. “The PPP is only interested in building buildings… the PPP has displayed a lack of interest in people… APNU is 100 percent interested in this and will make investment in people a priority,” she added.

Also addressing the gathering was APNU member James Bond. He highlighted too that the elections could not be won by talking or on
facebook but by casting ballots. “If you play rock back Charlie then prepare to enjoy five more years of the PPP… you have to come out and vote and work for a new and deserved Guyana,” he added. The youths also used the rally to pay tribute to political activist
Courtney Crum-Ewing who was murdered several weeks ago while encouraging citizens to vote.

“Killing him is a waste because thousands have taken his place”, he said.


Filed: 29th March, 2015

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