Lisa Punch throws support behind APNU+AFC

“I have decided to stand on Guyana’s side and I have decided to support change. I have decided to put my country first and I believe everyone should too” -Lisa Punch

Lisa Punch throws support behind APNU+AFC

Guyanese songbird Lisa Punch is throwing her full support behind the APNU+AFC coalition for the May 11, 2015 regional and general elections.

Punch who now lives in the United States but has been making regular trips to Guyana since migrating just over a year ago, has declared that the youths of Guyana need to vote for the APNU+AFC if they are serious about their future.
She is currently in Guyana and spent Easter Monday with APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate David Granger, meeting and greeting Guyanese who were out in the national park for their kite flying activities.

In an exclusive interview with News Source, the singer and former broadcaster explained that she decided to join the coalition because she is convinced it has the “main ingredients” that Guyana desperately needs, which would be unity and change.
“We desperately need to come together as a people and Guyana desperately needs change”.

Punch said she would advise Guyana’s first time voters and young people generally to “vote smart and vote for the APNU+AFC on May 11, 2015”. The People’s Progressive Party Civic administration has been in power for the past 23 years and is the only government that many first time voters know.

According to Punch, many of Guyana’s young people have grown up under the PPP government and they should not deny the hardships that they have faced under the PPP. “Young people were born under an administration that is responsible for a lot of them being out of jobs, an administration that is seeing an increase in crime and they are living in a time when many of them are fearful for their lives. If these young people really need a change, then they should vote for APNU+AFC”.

Last year, Lisa Punch appeared as one of the quarter finalists on the American television reality show “Rising Star”. That participation has increased her popularity and has lent support to her developing music career.

During the recent visit to the US by the APNU+AFC Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates, Punch and her family attended all of the New York meetings and she sang the national anthem to open those events.

She is one of the first Guyanese artistes to openly offer an endorsement to a political party.

When asked if she believes such a move could be harmful to her career, Punch noted that she has reached a stage in her life where she believes she must lend her voice to change.

She said too many local artistes have found themselves at the crossroads facing little development locally and they are afraid to speak out.

“I believe if you do not stand for something, then you will fall for anything and if behind closed doors we can say who we support and we say we desperately need change in this county but yet we do not want to talk about that publicly then I believe we are not really supportive of change and there will be no change. If artistes are serious about their careers propelling and seeing development in the art form they embrace, then they must stand up and let their voices be heard and do what is right and right now voting and supporting the APNU+AFC is what is right for Guyana and Guyana’s youths and everyone.”

Punch said she has had conversations with the leaders of the APNU+AFC coalition and she has been paying attention what is being said on the campaign trail and she is convinced more than ever that her decision to support the coalition is a “sound and smart one”.

“I have decided to stand on Guyana’s side and I have decided to support change. I have decided to put my country first and I believe everyone should too”, Lisa said.



Filed: 7th April, 2015

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