Jagdeo’s comparison to Jagan lifestyle not PPP position -Rohee

Jagdeo’s comparison to Jagan lifestyle not PPP position  -Rohee

The ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) on Monday broke its silence and blasted critics who have condemned the party for purportedly straying away from the principles of its founder Leader, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan.

Party General Secretary Clement Rohee said the comments by some “born again diplomats” which seek to create impression that PPP has departed from principles of Jagan has been noted.

He asserted that Jagan’s legacy continues to be the bedrock on which all major programs and policies are developed at both the party and government levels.

The criticism leveled against the party has come from former executive members and the children of Dr. Cheddi Jagan.

The dispute was given fresh life two weeks ago when former President Bharrat Jagdeo sought to suggest that Dr. Cheddi Jagan lived a lifestyle similar to his and other government officials.

Jagdeo, in defending his own wealth and that of current government Ministers made reference to the late President’s home in Bel Air, saying he lived in a fancy house on a prime property.

 But that suggestion was shot down by the children of Dr. Cheddi and JanetJagan and former PPP executive Ralph Ramkarran who all said Jagdeo is in no position to ever compare himself to the Jagans.

Rohee, who professed to being a true “Jaganite” had refused to comment on the issue but on Monday morning he said, other members in the Party have not been silenced and are not barred from doing the same on matters that disturb them.

Rohee said he is not distancing himself from Jagdeo’s statements but said it should not been seen as the position of the Party.

He defened both the Party and Jagdeo and said that the principles of the founder leader was not attacked and Jagdeo should not be criticized for spending the wealth he has accumulated differently from others.

Rohee reasoned that the rising tide of prosperity has lifted the boat for all Guyanese to enjoy better quality of life.

Former Executive Member Ralph Ramkarran had said that it was a sin for Jagdeo to equate his lifestyle and that of current Ministers to that of the Jagans and called on sitting Party Leaders to condemn his statements.

He added that should the PPP/C allow Jagdeo’s statements to go unchallenged would be a manifestation of his overweening dominance of the PPP’s agenda and narrative and its destructive character.

Rohee responded directly to this reasoning and said the former member has lost touch with the customs and practices in the PPP, adding that several policies implemented by the late President to ensure a “lean and clean” government are still in place.


Filed: 23rd March, 2015

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