President seeks help of Christian community to develop Guyana

President seeks help of Christian community to develop Guyana

President Donald Ramotar is looking to work closer with the Christian community to ensure development across Guyana. The Christian community represents close to 60% of the country’s population.

 Speaking at the Good News Gospel Church crusade in Essequibo, on Saturday,  the President said the family unit is one of several foundations on which the strength of a people is based even as he offered his congratulations to several recently married church members, according to the Government Information Agency.

 “It is very important to have strong foundations, if you don’t have a strong foundation in a house it will blow down, in the first storm that you reach”. He advised those about to get married, that while there will be good times, there will also be storms for them to deal with. He urged them to be understanding and seek help from the church in difficult times “so they can rise above the storm and always see the sun”.

President Ramotar opined that the aforementioned advice can be applied to this country “as a whole” as Guyana has passed through good, as well as difficult times. The fact that those present at the event, consisted of various ethnicities was noted by the president who said it was a “wonderful thing ”, adding that he felt blessed to be living in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society.

“I see this as blessings for us and not as a weakness as some people will think that it is”.

Mr. Ramotar told the gathering that his government was always willing to work with the church to ensure that people’s  individual histories will be part of a national identity.  “It is not only their history, it will become our history, all of our history and that is the attitude we must take, to take the best of everything and evolve a strong, powerful Guyanese culture. That is what I hope that all of us can work for”.

He noted that despite the different religions, as Guyanese, “We all lift up our eyes to one God, that is what will give us the strength to overcome difficulties… to overcome those who want to divide us. That is what is important in our society”.

The church was thanked for doing what the president described as  “very valuable social work”, and he said government will work “hand in hand” with them in the interest of Guyana. All of this will ensure, President Ramotar added, that persons see Guyana as a place to come to and stay and not emigrate from.


Filed: 23rd March,  2015

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