Linden got fair share of development under PPP -Edghill

Linden got fair share of development under PPP  -Edghill

The Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Bishop Juan Edghill has declared that the people of Linden and Region 10 have received their fair share of development under the current administration.

According to the Government Information Agency, Edghill who has been campaigning for The PPP/C in Linden, said that the government promised Lindeners that it will deliver jobs, and according to Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Juan Edghill, the government has been so doing.

GINA said “while highlighting some of the factors that have contributed to this development, Minister Edghill emphasised that the recently commissioned Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI) Kurubuka mine, located immediately adjoining to the Berbice River, will see several hundreds of direct jobs being created.”

He said the mining region should see new jobs being added as there will be expansion in the forestry and bauxite sectors.

“BCGI will be providing 506 direct jobs, plus hundreds of other jobs, because people have to supply food, cleaning and other auxiliary services to the BCGI. From 2009 to 2014, BGCI invested close to US$98 million into the investment in Aroaima area,” Minister Edghill pointed out.

“Logs don’t fall by themselves; trucks don’t just drive by themselves, tractors and skidders and the boats don’t operate by themselves, all of those are jobs, and so when you think about foreign investments and joint venture arrangements between locals and these partners who have provided financing and machinery, they have made significant investments in Region 10,” Minister Edghill explained.

During the last elections, President Ramotar promised the people of Linden that he would create 1000 new jobs for the bauxite community. Many residents of Linden and Region 10 said they are still waiting to see those jobs.

Just recently during its elections launch in Linden, the APNU+AFC coalition highlighted the many problems in Linden and said that development in the town has been ignored.

At that meeting, the APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate David Granger said an APNU+AFC administration would lead new and massive infrastructural upgrades for the Region 10 community, including the upgrade of the Ituni road and the construction of the Linden/Lethem highway. Lindeners were told to revisit the promises of the PPP over the years and they will find out the party has failed to deliver on its many promises to Linden and other parts of Guyana.

“You have to elect a government that will fix your infrastructure and that is the APNU+AFC government”. He said the PPP Civic is desperate and so Guyanese have now found themselves “wrestling against a band of desperados” as they head into the May 11 elections.

The APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate outlined his  party’s development vision for the communities in Linden and Region 10 and he noted that the vision is focused on creating jobs, fighting crime and ensuring investment and development.

The importance of Linden, he said, ought not to be taken for granted and like the rest of Guyana, he said it was time for change and a change for the better.


Filed: 20th March, 2015



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