Moses declares Unity will part the PPP’s Red sea

Moses declares Unity will part the PPP’s Red sea

Introduced to the sounds of Bob Marley’s One Love, APNU+AFC ‘s Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo took the stage on Sunday night before thousands of supporters in his home village of Whim on the Corentyne.

Nagamootoo remembered growing up as the son of a fish vendor and being asked by his mom to deliver fish to villagers. He said when he would visit one particular resident, she would always sing How did Moses part the red sea. He said had she been alive today, he would have delivered the answer that he would be parting the red sea with unity.

“Unity! Unity! Unity!”, he shouted as the crowd cheered him on.

The former PPP executive member said that he will be using unity to forge a better Guyana as elections approaches. He told the large gathering that he believes that a unity government is what his mentor Dr. Cheddi Jagan would have wanted. According to Nagamootoo, Jagan would have endorsed the APNU+AFC coalition because a coalition government of national unity was his dream for Guyana.

He told the coalition’s supporters that he is now more focused on moving Guyana forward and had little time for those who want to ull his name down and attempt to destroy his character. He rebuked former President Bharrat Jagdeo for downplaying him on the local political scene and criticizing his political and ambitious decisions.  13114_923718484346532_848010344692050156_n

He told the Whim rally that Jagdeo was a “hypocrite” and an “ingrate” while referencing Jadgeo’s recent comparison between his current “extravagant” lifestyle and that of former President, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan. Nagamootoo was very close to the Jagans and traveled and worked with them for decades.

He said Jagdeo was living lavishly at the expense of taxpayers. “Guyana has to fetch Jagdeo like goodies,” he told the gathering while
assuring that an APNU+AFC administration will cut out the “waste, extravagance and corruption.”

He said Jagdeo’s attempts to overshadow the sitting President are unfortunate. “Everybody knows Ramotar is only the guy who cuts
ribbons, shake hands and kisses babies but he is not the real President… could the real president please stand up?”

The former PPP member sympathized and reasoned that Ramotar is forced to make all the excuses for corruption and fail projects in Guyana. “I am back home with clean hands and a clear conscience. I ask you in return to walk with me and David Granger and vote for the key with the palm on it to fix this country”, he added.

He rejected accusations that he was power drunk. “Power has not corrupted me,” he said; adding that “I walked away from power when I resigned twice,” including once as a minister of the PPP government. “They attack me since I left the PPP and they ask that the real Moses should step forward. So here I am stepping forward… I stand here as a son, as a father, as a husband and a Whim man… these are my qualifications as I run for office as Guyana’s next Prime Minister.”

Nagamootoo told Whim that Guyana suffers from the absence of an essential ingredient to take it forward which is ethnic and national unity.

To this end, he said he is confident that team unity – the APNU+AFC – will the 2015 elections. He used the opportunity too to quell concerns of the AFC being cheated by the APNU in the alliance.

Nagamooto said while nothing is cast in or could be assured the coalition will work.“”they are people who marry and get divorce, there are some who pretend to marry and they are separated… it will work my friends, we have to make it work.”

Filed: 30th March, 2015

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