“It is time for Guyanese women to Make It Happen” -APNU-AFC

“It is time for Guyanese women to Make It Happen”  -APNU-AFC

The opposition coalition APNU-AFC, believes that the upcoming elections will serve as the time for Guyanese women to “make it happen”.

In it’s International Women’s Day message, the coalition said that “as a government, APNU+AFC commits to ensuring that women are truly and sincerely protected, respected, included and provided with equal opportunity throughout the social landscape, starting with the manner in which the business of the national affairs are managed.”

According to the group, all around the world, International Women’s Day provides the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the women while calling for greater equality of payment for services and employment, freedom from discrimination, and equal opportunity for educational and social growth.

“APNU+AFC salutes the valiant women of Guyana who have succeeded in breaking through old barriers in our previously male-dominated society.  APNU+AFC salutes all Guyanese women in all facets of the society for the work they do and the contributions they make in advancing our society”, APNU-AFC said.

 The group ntoed that Guyanese women may not yet be in the position to claim that they have broken through the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’, “but APNU+AFC is proud of the immense strides our women have made in the past 40 years and that they continue to scale high hurdles professionally and otherwise while maintaining peaceful, loving homes for our children.”

The Opposition’s message for women to be stronger is coming at a time when one of the APNU’s members resigned from the party claiming that many of her concerns were not taken on board as a Member of Parliament and she was verbally abused by a leading woman of the party. She served the opposition for eight years in the parliament and did not offer much on women’s issues and women rights during her speeches and questions over those eight years.

“Regrettably however the national structure for women to advance as equal partners in society has not been wholeheartedly embraced by the executive. Too often we see decisions being taken in this regard for mere public relations and gimmickry. Too often as well we see reports of women being brutalized, assaulted, maimed and murdered. This is unacceptable. A society which mistreats women is a broken society crying out for change and in desperate need of fixing.”

The APNU-AFC Presidential Candidate David Granger has promised greater involvement of women in the decision making of the country once his government gets into place.

Filed:  8th May, 2015

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