US Embassy warns against scammers issuing fake visa appointment letters with promises of “inside connection”

US Embassy warns against scammers issuing fake visa appointment letters with promises of “inside connection”

Noticing an increase in the number of third-party preparers for US visa applications, the US Embassy in Georgetown is warning about fake appointment letters being issued by some of those private visa application preparers.

The Embassy has also expressed concern about some of the exorbitant fees being charged by some of the preparers for their services.

In the latest installment of its “Ask the Consul” feature on its website, the Embassy reminded that while the visa application carries a fee, all of the associated forms are free and are available on the Embassy’s website.

Additionally, the Embassy said persons should avoid those visa consultants who offer to improve an applicant’s chances of qualifying for a visa by entering false information on the visa application.

The Embassy reminded that false information can disqualify an applicant and make that person permanently ineligible for a US visa.  

“You are responsible for what is in your visa application. For this reason, we encourage applicants to complete their visa application and pay the required visa processing fees themselves. Our website offers comprehensive information on all our visa services along with the applicable fees”, the Embassy noted.

The US embassy also warned visa applicants about paying persons who claim that they can improve the applicant’s chances of being granted a visa, adding that visa consultants cannot improve your chances and they have no inside connection at the embassy.

“Avoid anyone who makes such a claim! Visa consultants cannot improve your chances of qualifying for a visa and they have no “inside” connection with the Embassy. Your eligibility is determined by a consular officer after a visa interview.  Report anyone who claims to improve your chances of qualifying for a visa to [email protected]

The embassy also reminded that an applicant’s qualifications – as presented in the visa application and at the interview – and U.S. law are the only basis on which visa decisions are made. The embassy said regulations prohibit Embassy officials from providing unofficial assistance to visa applicants.

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