U.S Embassy hosting visa fair on Saturday

U.S Embassy hosting visa fair on Saturday

If you have always had questions about a U.S visa application and the process to acquire a U.S visa, the American embassy is providing a forum that it hopes will answer many of your questions.

The U.S. Embassy in Georgetown has announced that it will be hosting a Visa Fair on Saturday, May 3, 2014, on Main and Bentick streets from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

According to a release from the embassy, the event will provide the public with information about the consular services offered by the Embassy and will also give prospective and current visa applicants an opportunity to pose general questions about the application process for non-immigrant and immigrant visas.  Additionally, it will offer American citizens and legal permanent residents, or “green card” holders, to acquire information on services applicable to their circumstances.

“During the event, the Embassy’s consular staff will present information on non-immigrant visas (NIVs) to fair attendees.  There will be features on each visa type and guidance on specific factors that determine which visa class applicants should apply for.  Those interested in non-immigrant visas such as tourist, business, transit, crewmember, and student visas will be able to learn more about the application process and familiarize themselves with the supplemental items necessary to include with their applications”, the embassy said.

 The Visa Fair will also present information on immigrant visas (IVs).  Fair attendees interested in permanent residence U.S. visas can learn more about the steps involved with the extended application process, according to the US Embassy.  Information will be shared and clarified about commonly confusing aspects of the process such as priority dates for applications and processing fees.  Attendees with questions regarding adoptions and marriages can learn how these factors affect visa petitions as well.

According to the release, there will be information for dual citizens at the Fair.  American citizens living in Guyana can use this opportunity to ask about registrations for births abroad, processes for voting, and taxes, the embassy encouraged.

There will also be information available for legal permanent residents of the United States, offering them an opportunity to learn more about this conditional status and clarify laws on travelling outside of the United States.

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