15-year-old positively identifies cop who shot him in mouth

15-year-old positively identifies cop who shot him in mouth

15-year-old Alex Griffith who was shot in his mouth by a Police Officer, positively identified the officer during an identification parade at the Brickdam Police Station on Wednesday afternoon.

Now that the identification process has been completed and the Police Force has received the teen’s medical report and statements, it is expected that the Guyana Police Force will institute charges in the matter.

The Police Officer identified is a cadet officer who worked out of C’ Division which is the Police Division that covers the East Coast of Demerara. In an interview with News Source on Tuesday, the teen recounted how after he was dragged from his house and beaten by a number of police officers, he was thrown into a police pick up vehicle and driven away from his house.

He said the police officers hit him and continuously questioned him about whether he had witnessed a robbery. As he continued to tell them that he did not, he said he was pulled off of the vehicle by the one police officer who then placed a single bullet in the barrel of the gun and placed it into his (the teen’s) mouth and ¬†pulled the trigger.

When the first shot did not go off, the policeman fired another shot and it was that second pulling of the trigger that sent the bullet through the teen’s mouth, exiting just over his ear at the back of the head.

The medical report found several injuries in the teen’s mouth that are consistent with a shooting.

Police Crime Chief Leslie James on Tuesday afternoon said ballistics tests were carried out on the weapon which was used by the policeman accused of shooting the teen and those tests confirmed that it was the same gun that shot the teen and also linked the officer to the gun’s use.

There are reports that the officer could be charged before the end of the week. The boy’s mother said the policeman should be charged for attempted murder since placing a gun in her 15 year ¬†old’s son mouth could have only had one intention.

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