Fmr. Top Cop lambastes Police over shooting of 15 year old

Fmr. Top Cop lambastes Police over shooting of 15 year old

Member of Parliament for the APNU and Former Commissioner of Police Winston Felix is surprised that the Guyana Police Force is still to institute charges against the police officer who shot a 15-year-old boy in his mouth.

Felix who is credited with dismantling the Roger Khan drug ring during his time in office, told a news conference on Monday that the Guyana Police Force has erred in dragging its feet in the case of the teenage boy. Felix expressed surprise and worry that the new acting Police Commissioner and the Crime Chief have not openly condemned the actions of the police officer and have been relatively quiet on the issue.

He said action must be taken in the matter and the Guyana Police Force needs to send a strong message to those police officers who are breaking the law.

15-year-old Alex Moore was shot in his mouth by a police officer two weeks ago after being dragged from his house to be questioned about a robbery the police officer claimed the teen witness. When the young man told the policeman that he did not witness the robbery, the policeman, whose sister was the robbery victim, whipped out his firearm, placed one bullet in it and place it in the teen’s mouth and played russian roulette until the gun went off.

The teen was dropped off at the Georgetown Hospital where doctors were able to save his life. The Guyana Police Force has indicated that it is still investigating the matter. Ballistics tests carried out on the gun have returned results implicating the policeman fingered in the shooting. Additionally, the teen positively identified the teenager during an ID parade. Social Activist Mark Benschop has called for the policeman to be charged with attempted murder.

The former Police Commissioner Winston Felix said the posture of the Guyana Police Force in relation to the matter is making it appear as though the Force is trying to cover up the case.


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