26-year-old woman survives execution attempt

26-year-old woman survives execution attempt
Twenty-six year old Makika DaSilva of David Street, Subryanville, is currently nursing gunshot wounds at a city hospital following what police believe was an execution attempt on her life.
According to a police report, just at around 2:55 on Friday morning the woman was in a motor car with other relatives outside a house in Garnett Street, Campbellville when a motor car with four other men pulled up along side.
Two of the men exited the car with guns and opened fire on the young lady as the car she was in pulled off from the scene. She was hit to the chest and rushed to a city hospital.
Police investigators have questioned the other persons who were in the company of the young woman at the time of the incident. It is believed the attackers may have been recognised. The police probe is ongoing.

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