AFC wants opening up of state media in 2014

AFC wants opening up of state media in 2014

Opposition Party, the Alliance for Change has indicated that it intends to push for the opening up of the state media in this new year.

In a message to mark the new year, the AFC said “in 2014 we will lobby hard to ensure that the state media will be opened up to give us and other organizations access to this “national” resources as happens in most democracies across the globe and that coverage of parliamentary proceedings will be carried live better informing the people of Guyana and eliminating the cloak and dagger approach.”

According to the party, the past year has been a challenging one for most Guyanese with “alarmingly high levels of domestic violence, affecting mainly our women and the high incidence of road fatalities, which have taken many valuable lives, including our youngest and brightest minds.”

It said that “in 2013 the AFC waged a fight against corruption and advocated the need for good governance. We focused on demanding accountability and transparency in the day to day running of our dear country Guyana. In this area our shouts have been loud and resounding resulting in the many revelations of corruption in the management of our national assets by our Government that seemed to plague the entire year yet again. This fight was vindicated with the pronouncements we heard from Transparency”

The opposition party has also indicated that it intends to remain vigilant in the National Assembly where it holds 7 seats.

“Our stance in Parliament has been based on these principles as we sought to bring the Government to account to Parliament as should be. To this end we have taken up issues that dealt with this – including the need for the establishment of a Public Procurement Commission, and amendments to the Fiscal Management and Accountable Act to ensure financial accountability of the Judiciary and Parliament. We have taken strong positions on the need for state funds held by NICIL to be deposited and accounted for in our consolidate fund, and that both the Integrity and the Ethnic Relations Commissions should be fully operationalized”, the party statement said.

The Alliance For Change said it has also advocated that the position of Chancellor and Chief Justice be filled “and most importantly have been consistent over the years with calls for the holding of Local Government Elections which we know will open up a new vista for peoples participation. These are the hallmarks of what the AFC has done to enhance our democracy in 2013.”

According to the party, “in 2014 our still incomplete agenda will continue as we fervently hope that Local government Elections will be held. We will continue the fight for a living wage, and that monies voted for increases in wages will be specifically quantified in the next budget. It is our hope that greater respect for collective bargaining and consultation with the Unions on the welfare of their members and without government making arbitrary awards will take place.”

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