Albouystown man shot dead by Police while in custody

Albouystown man shot dead by Police while in custody

28-year-old Albouystown resident, Adrian Bishop was shot dead at close range by a Police officer while being taken into custody on Saturday night. The incident occurred at Hill Street, Albouystown.

Reports state that the man was arrested after a woman he shared a relationship with and who is a member of the Police Force summoned other officers after the two had a domestic dispute. The Police woman reportedly became angry when she saw Bishop earlier in the night in the company of another woman in Albouystown and decided to confront him. The two got into an argument and Bishop allegedly assaulted her and she called in the Police.

According to eyewitnesses, a number of police ranks arrived on the scene, grabbed the young man, physically assaulted him then threw him into the Police vehicle. Moments later, persons heard a loud shot and when they went closer to the vehicle, they saw Bishop lying motionless with a wound to his neck while the Police officers appeared confused. One officer was spotted with the gun in his hand.

Just recently, the young man was released on bail in connection with a robbery case and had alleged that he was beaten up by police officers while in custody.

Filed:  20th September 2014.

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