Albouystown man stabbed to death over jewellery money

Albouystown man stabbed to death over jewellery money

Detectives are investigating the brutal murder of a 28 year old Albouystown man who was stabbed to death during a mid morning confrontation in the South Georgetown community.

The man who has been identified Polasay Marshall was rushed to the Georgetown hospital with multiple stab wounds to his body. The Hospital in a statement said despite the best efforts of doctors in the emergency room, the man succumbed to his injuries.

According to reports, Marshall got into a heated argument with his assailant over a gold chain he had seized from the man. The assailant is said to be a jeweller who was paid $200,000 by Marshall to make pieces of jewelry.

Persons in the area said the jeweller failed to deliver the jewellery he was paid to  make and he was confronted by Marshall who relieved him of his gold chain, claiming that he would take the chain as payment for the money owed.

The two men reportedly crossed each other’s path again today and an argument began. The jewellery reportedly whipped out a knife and dealt the other young man several stabs to his body. An investigation is underway.


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