Man stabbed to death over hammock row

Man stabbed to death over hammock row

A Durban Street man is in police custody and will face charges early next week after he reportedly stabbed another man to death during a row over a hammock.

According to reports, the two men who appeared to be both homeless got into an argument on Friday morning over the hammock and the argument quickly escalated as one accused the other of sleeping in his hammock.

The dead man is still to be identified while the assailant has been identified only as “Akeem”. According to reports, during the argument, “Akeem” whipped out a knife and stabbed the other man repeatedly. After the incident, he sat near to the body and waited until the police arrived.

The assailant was released from the prison over a year ago after serving time for an assault charge. He is reportedly known to be mentally unstable but held  a number of jobs after being released from prison.

Just over a week ago, he operated a music cart and sold cd’s through the streets of the city for a local businessman.

Filed: 29th November 2014


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