APNU wants National Flood Control Plan

APNU wants National Flood Control Plan

The Opposition coalition group, A Partnership for National Unity has issued a call for the Government of Guyana to put together a comprehensive National Flood Control Plan that will counter the effects of constant flooding along the Demerara coast, Georgetown and other parts of the city.

In a Friday statement, the APNU expressed its “dismay at the continued failure of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration to protect the population from the ravages of repeated flooding”

The party believes a comprehensive national flood control plan is needed.

“APNU has noted with alarm that every month, major floods occur somewhere in the country – either on the coastland or in the hinterland. The PPP/C administration, however, seems unable or unprepared to implement measures to identify the causes, to notify the populace and to mitigate the impact of this recurrent hazard”, the statement said.

The APNU said over the past year, every month saw flooding in some part of the country.

  • January on the East Coast Demerara;
  • February, in sections of Kingston, Georgetown;
  • March, in sections of Uitvlugt on the West Coast Demerara;
  • April, on the East and West Coast Demerara and the Essequibo Coast;
  • May, at Bartica in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region and St Ignatius in the Rupununi Region;
  • June, at Den Amstel on the West Coast Demerara;
  • July, in Albouystown, Georgetown;
  • August, on the East Bank Demerara;
  • September, at Tuschen, on the West Coast Demerara;
  • October, again in Albouystown, Georgetown;
  • November, in sections of Georgetown and elsewhere; and
  • December, in the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region and elsewhere.

According to the party, the damaging effects and frequent occurrence of flooding in this country demand more serious attention from the Government than the usual, “annual adhockery and phoney expressions of concern for the victims”.

It added that “the PPP/C administration needs to promulgate a National Flood Control Master Plan that must comprehend the consequences of climate change that are so evident to everyone else everywhere around the world today.”

“The proposed Plan must be capable of anticipating the monthly cycle of flooding and of notifying citizens early of the onset of extreme weather and the threat of flooding. The Plan must strengthen disaster risk management agencies and maintain sea defence and flood protection infrastructure”, the statement noted.


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