Businessman dies in Mandela Avenue smash-up

Businessman dies in Mandela Avenue smash-up

Owner of the popular Grill and Jerk Bar on South Road, Nigel Cush lost his life early this morning as a speeding truck slammed into his Toyota SUV as he was making his way home.

The smash-up occurred at the corner of Cemetery Road and Mandela Avenue.

Cush was driving onto Mandela Avenue from Cemetery Road after being given the green light to proceed when the speeding truck that ignored the red light, slammed directly into his vehicle, pushing it into a metal pole and flinging half of the man’s body through the front windscreen of his car.

The father of four was pronounced dead on the spot. The driver of the truck has been taken into custody to assist with the investigations. He is expected to face charges.

The entire accident was captured on CCTV cameras located in the area.

The death of the young businessman has raised new concerns about recklessness on the country’s roadways and the manner in which drivers abuse the rules of the roads.

There have been repeated complaints about the increase in the number of large trucks traversing the roadway and speeding regularly.

Road users along the East and West Bank of Demerara have been complaining bitterly about the trucks and their speeding.

The investigations into the latest fatal crash are ongoing.

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