Two killed in Mandela Avenue accident

Two killed in Mandela Avenue accident

It was a bloody weekend on the country’s roadways on Sunday evening, two persons became the latest road fatalities.

Taxi driver and former model Percival Chester and trainee dispatcher Tiana Holder were killed on Sunday night when Chester lost control of the Toyota motor car he was driving and slammed into a number of vehicles before the car toppled over on its top just outside the Rubis gas station on Mandela Avenue.

A third person who was in the car is nursing injuries at the hospital.

Reports indicate that Chester had swerved from a speeding mini bus coming in the opposite direction when he lost control. He worked with the crown taxi service and they were all heading to a wake last night for the crown taxi dispatcher who was shot dead in that middle street shooting last Tuesday when businessman Deryck Kanhai went berserk. 563601_10152266460809152_2056325143_n

Holder’s mother collapsed and wept openly outside the emergency room at the Georgetown Hospital after seeing her daughter’s lifeless body. The woman said her daughter was the “nicest young lady” you would ever meet and she does not know how she will be able to move on without her.

Percival Chester’s wife, Rehana Chester was in a state of shock and sat quietly gazing onto the concrete wall in the emergency area. The two have a young daughter together. The dead young man also had two children from a previous relationship.

His wife said she spoke to him earlier in the night just after he dropped her home and he was telling her that he would return in an hour. She said “every time, he calls he would say I’ll be home in an hour, so I am waiting for him to come home”.

The young woman was eventually consoled by relatives and friends as she continued in a state of shock.

Over 90 persons have lost their lives on the roadways for this year already. This past weekend, five persons lost their lives in separate road accidents.

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