Camp St. inmates complain about inhumane conditions and food

Camp St. inmates complain about inhumane conditions and food

Security officials and members of the fire service were kept busy on Sunday evening as inmates of the camp street jail started a loud protest over the conditions they were being held under.

A Section of the building was set on fire a number of times during the protest and inmates called for justice and better treatment. Some complained that they were being starved and not provided with proper meals.

“They feeding we dog food in here, not good for human consumption and they stealing the food and taking it out”, one prisoner shouted.

Others complained about being on remand for a long period without their cases getting started. One inmate could be heard shouting that he has been on remand for over 5 years with no clear indication as to when he will go to trial.

The Guyana Police Force beefed up security around the jailhouse as the fire service repeatedly put out the small fires that were being started. And late on Sunday night, the Joint Services were activated with the Guyana Defence Force assisting with security outside the prison.

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