Camp Street Prisoners hold noisy protest

Camp Street Prisoners hold noisy protest

Prisoners in the Camp Street jail held a loud protest on Monday evening as many of them called out for justice and freedom. The Fire Service had to be summoned to the jailhouse as some of the prisoners set fire to mattresses during the protest.

The fire was quickly extinguished but the prisoners could be heard loudly voicing their concerns about the length of time it was taking for many of them to face trial and have their cases heard. Some of them also shouted concerns about the conditions they have to face in the camp street jail which continues to be overcrowded.

Over the years, there have been various assessments which all recommended new facilities to be built to accommodate prisoners and there have also been recommendations for speedy trials. Some prisoners have been on remand for years, awaiting a date for their trial to commence.

Just recently a new wing for the jailhouse was constructed.

Filed: 3rd March 2015

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