Businessman robbed during traffic light stop

Businessman robbed during traffic light stop

An East Coast Demerara businessman is grateful that he is still alive but is counting his losses after he was robbed at gunpoint while at a traffic light stop in the city.

The Guyana Police Force has reported that business Robert Charles was driving along Sheriff Street on Tuesday afternoon, when the traffic light forced him to stop at the corner of Sheriff Street and the Rupert Craig Highway.

While at the traffic stop, two men rode up alongside him on a motorcycle and the pillion rider whipped out a firearm and fired a shot at his canter truck, shattering  the windscreen.

The men quickly jumped into the truck and grabbed a bag which contained $1 Million before they successfully made their escape. The 48-year-old man was left confused by the ordeal but was not injured.

Reports of armed robberies continue  to climb in the country. Last year, Guyana recorded over 600 cases of armed robberies.

Investigations into this latest incident are continuing.

Filed: 27th December, 2015

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