Caribbean Union of Teachers in full support of striking teachers in Guyana

Caribbean Union of Teachers in full support of striking teachers in Guyana

The Caribbean Union of Teachers has come out in full support of the decision by the Guyana Teachers Union to initiate and continue strike action, as they push for better wages and salaries for the nation’s teachers.

In a letter of support to the Guyana Teachers’ Union, the Caribbean Union of Teachers said it hopes that good sense will prevail on the part of the Government to continue the collective bargaining process and arrive at decisions which are equally beneficial to all parties, “but more importantly reflect the commitment of prioritizing education and education workers in Guyana”.

The Caribbean Union of Teachers reminded that teachers have offered unwavering commitment to students, families and communities, even as they face increased responsibilities and workloads, adding that teachers still continue to show up and provide the best education.

According to the regional body, it stands in full solidarity with the teachers in Guyana, as they continue their protests for a fair contract which they justly deserve. “Unity will make teachers stronger as you take collective action to propel positive change”, the stated noted.

Teachers across the country entered Day 3 of their strike action today as they continue to press the Government for increased salaries and non-salary benefits.

The Teachers Union has said the strike action was called after the Government continued to ignore the union’s three-year proposal for salary increases and benefits for teachers, more than three years after the proposal was submitted.

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