Child found dead under hammock died from suffocation

Child found dead under hammock died from suffocation

A post-mortem examination carried out on the body of the 11-year-old girl who was found dead under a hammock in her family’s yard has revealed that she died from suffocation.

The young girl, Tinesha Johnson of Corentyne, Berbice was reportedly seen swinging in the old hammock moments before the tragedy.

Her mother told Police investigators that she had just stepped out of the yard to make a purchase from a mobile vendor, when one of her other children raised an alarm.

According to the mother, when she rushed into the yard, she saw her daughter’s body with blood coming from the nose, lying on the ground just under the hammock.

The confused mother rushed the child to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police investigators are continuing their probe of the matter. It is now suspected that the child might have become entangled in the old hammock before falling to the ground.

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