Search launched for next PNC Reform General Secretary

Search launched for next PNC Reform General Secretary

Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Aubrey Norton has started his search for the next General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform.

The move comes following the resignation of Party Executive Member, Geeta Chandan-Edmon from the position.

Norton has indicated that he will announce his choice for the post within the next week or very early in the new year.

Party insiders have told News Source that the party leader has had discussions with at least one senior party member about taking up the position.

However, some PNC officials said they believe a number of candidates should be carefully looked at and the one that is chosen is one who can do more than just administrative duties for the party.

The General Secretary’s position is a key one in the party. According to the party’s constitution, the General Secretary should be chosen by the Leader from among the elected members of the party’s executive.

Party Executive Members, Mervyn Williams, Dawn Hastings-Williams and Ganesh Mahipaul have emerged as the favourites from among some party officials, who should be considered for the job.

With Norton indicating that his focus is on uniting the PNC Reform, political analysts will be closely looking at his choice for General Secretary.

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