Cocaine placed in Guyana rum shipment outside of Guyana -CANU

Cocaine placed in Guyana rum shipment outside of Guyana  -CANU

The Customs Anti Narcotics Unit is convinced that the cocaine which was found in a rum shipment from Guyana in The Netherlands, was placed in the shipment after it left Guyana.

More than 1100 pounds of cocaine was found in the container of rum that originated in Guyana. However, the shipment made two stops for a number of days before eventually reaching The Netherlands.

CANU Head James Singh told News Source today that he is certain that the shipment was contaminated with the cocaine cargo outside of Guyana.

Mr. Singh explained that CANU has been probing the incident and has reviewed video recordings and scanner images of the container and based on those pieces of evidence, there was nothing other than the rum shipment in the container when it was loaded in Guyana.

He said officials abroad now suspect that the cocaine might have been added to the shipment during one of the two stops it made before arriving in The Netherlands.

The probe is ongoing.

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