No Confidence move shows “desperation” -Rohee

No Confidence move shows “desperation”  -Rohee

With the Government facing a no confidence motion when the National Assembly comes out of recess in October, the governing People’s Progressive Party/Civic is getting ready for the snap elections that will follow that motion’s passage.

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee on Monday declared that his party has activated its “electioneering machinery” to begin checks of the National Register of Registrants and the Preliminary List of Electors, now that the country appears to be moving towards certain General Elections once the Opposition use their majority to pass the no confidence motion.

The Opposition parties have already indicated that they will use their combined majority to pass the motion and force the President to call early elections.

At his Freedom House press conference, the PPP General Secretary said the Opposition’s decision to move the no confidence motion against the government is nothing more than an act of  “desperation” to get rid of the party in government. According to Mr. Rohee, his party will be ready for the elections when they are called and they remain confident about holding on to power.

He said he has already been meeting with officials of the Elections Commission and has expressed some concerns that have been raised by the PPP at the party’s leadership level.

Rohee believes too that the move by the Opposition could be seen as a way of distracting attention from the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. The People’s National Congress which makes up the largest part of the Opposition Coalition group, A Partnership for National Unity, has already described the Commission of Inquiry as a political ploy. The PNC was the party in power at the time when Dr. Rodney died.

The PPP has laid all blame at the doorsteps of the PNC and believes its time for the nation to know the truth about who might have been responsible for Rodney’s death. Rodney died in 1980. The PPP has been in power since 1992. The Commission of Inquiry was put in place this year.

11th August, 2014 

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