Durban Street Businesswoman goes missing

Durban Street Businesswoman goes missing

Family members of a 32-year-old Durban Street internet cafe and boutique owner, are praying for the woman’s safety after she has not been seen or heard from in three days. The missing woman is Caren Chase of 116 Fourth Street, Alberttown.

She was last seen walking along North Road on Saturday evening but has not contacted family members or friends since. The woman’s family became increasingly worried on Sunday after they realised that she never returned home and all calls to her  phone were going unanswered.

The young woman is the sister of HGP Nightly News Anchor, Travis Chase.

Chase told News Source that it is unlike his sister to stay away from the home where she stayed with her young daughter, and not  make contact with anyone.

He said “if I text her she will call back, if I call her and hang up, she will call back. She always calls back but now her phone is not being answered and we do not know where she is and we are very worried.”

Chase said a missing person’s report has since been filed with the police. He explained that his sister has a daughter and the two lived together  in Alberttown. Her boyfriend lives in the United States and she was not known to be having any issue with anyone, the younger Chase explained. He recounted that his sister would usually be the one to help “solve all of our issues although she was the quiet one in the lot. She would always be the one looking out for the rest of us.”

 The family is especially worried about the toll the situation is having on Caren’s young daughter. The young girl lost her father Trevor Rose earlier this year when he was executed by unknown gunmen while on his way home. Although Chase and Rose were no longer together, they shared a strong friendship as Chase’s only child was his first born. His death remains an unsolved case.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Caren Chase is asked to contact the closest police station.

Meanwhile, the Police Force continues to investigate the disappearance of another young woman, St. Stanislaus College teacher, Nyozi Goodman. It has been two weeks since Goodman was last seen or heard from.  She went missing after attending a basketball game at the National Gymnasium. There are reports that a bag belonging to Goodman and an umbrella that she was seen with, were discovered over the weekend at the back of the Botanical Gardens park.

Investigations into both cases are ongoing.


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