Fly Jamaica focuses on safety

Fly Jamaica focuses on safety

Fly Jamaica Airways which operates a number of weekly flights from Georgetown to Kingston, New York and Toronto is rubbishing concerns over its recent rescheduling of flights which were as a result of maintenance of its aircraft.

In a statement, the Jamaican headquartered airline which is owned by Guyanese Pilot, Captain Ronald Reece,  pointed out that airline operators all over the world suffer from delays due to weather conditions or maintenance of equipment since no machine is 100% efficient.

“In the Airline industry passenger safety requires that Pilots and Engineers are trained not to allow any aircraft to be operated with any malfunction. Therefore, when there is any indication of any abnormal situation, the aircraft will be grounded and thoroughly checked and repaired to ensure the safety of the traveling public. This is the reason airlines maintain such a high safety record”, the statement said.

Fly Jamaica said all of its passengers, whose travel plans were recently disrupted as a result of its irregular operation for a period of two days, were contacted, were re-accommodated in hotels, and traveled to their final destination on other airlines at the expense of Fly Jamaica Airways.

The company has announced that its service is now back on schedule.

Meanwhile, the airline recently acquired a new 767 aircraft which will go into operation within the coming  months. Airline flight attendants are expected to begin training soon for the new aircraft.

Fly Jamaica has said it was formed on a solid foundation and is proud of its decision to introduce the first non-stop flight between Kingston and Georgetown, “which has greatly enhanced trade and tourism between Jamaica and Guyana”.

Just recently one of the Directors of the airline, Roxanne Reece challenged citizens of the Caribbean to support airlines that belong to the region since those airlines are the ones providing long term jobs for the people of the region.


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