Missing businesswoman found safe after giving self “time out”

Missing businesswoman found safe after giving self “time out”

Family members are breathing a sigh of relief after Durban Street businesswoman, Caren Chase was found alive and well on Monday afternoon while she was visiting a friend who manages the Pelican Hotel on Hadfield Street.

According to reports, the woman was unaware that her family members had filed a missing person report for her. She had not been seen by relatives or heard from, since Saturday.

Her friend who manages the hotel explained to News Source that moments after Chase arrived at the business place to visit her, another friend came into the yard and told her “girl you sitting here and you making the news on Facebook”.

The friend showed her the missing persons stories that were circulating on Facebook.

The friend said it was at that stage that she told Chase to contact one of her relatives and let them know that she was fine. The businesswoman did just that and asked her brother, television reporter Travis Chase to meet her across at the location.

According to her friend, Chase was recounting to her that she needed some time off because of issues she was experiencing in her relationship with her US based boyfriend and problems she was also experiencing with her teenage daughter.

“She was sitting and crying and telling me that she was really stressed out because it was the boyfriend problems then the daughter was giving her back chat and rudeness and so she just decided to take some time for herself and be by herself. I was surprised when she came to visit me and we were talking about her issues without either of us knowing that there was a search for her because of the missing person report”, the friend explained.

The two were sitting in the yard when the brother arrived at the scene with a party of policemen. The hotel manager complained that the Police were very unprofessional in their conduct “even after Caren  explained that she was fine and just needed some time away from the stresses in her life.”.

The manager said “they came charging in here with a set of guns, we were sitting in the yard and they spoke with her, she told them she was okay and they still ran up into my hotel kicking down doors and carrying on. Caren did not stay here and was never here until she came to visit me this afternoon. These police officers need some training in how to deal with these cases”, the manager said.

The businesswoman left in the company of the policemen and her brother while crying and saying that she was fine.

“I am just glad everything was okay because she was even talking about taking her time out to Trinidad. Now can you imagine if she had done that and not tell a soul. That would have been another search”, the friend said.


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