Farmer stabbed to death over toilet use

Farmer stabbed to death over toilet use

A 52-year-old farmer of Mahaicony was stabbed to death on Monday evening during a heated argument with his sister’s boyfriend over the use of the washroom.

According to reports, Alvy Richmond returned home just before 6pm and was rushing to use the toilet when he discovered that the door was locked.

The man’s brother in law reportedly answered that he was in the bathroom and that Richmond would have to wait his turn. The two got into a big argument according to relatives, and Richmond challenged the sister’s boyfriend to get out of the washroom area and prove himself.

The sister’s boyfriend eventually left the washroom and Richmond headed into it, but as he came out the two men got into a fight over the argument and washroom use. Richmond was stabbed to his chest and died at home while family members were rushing him to the hospital. The brother in law has been arrested.

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