East Coast fire leaves family homeless

East Coast fire leaves family homeless

A Pensioner and his family of six were left homeless on Thursday morning after fire ravaged their Lot 455 Block X Lilliendaal, East Coast Demerara home.

It is believed that the fire started just after 9 am in the upper flat of the house.

83-year-old Clarence Scott told News Source that he was in his room in the lower flat of the house drawing when his 12-year-old son alerted him about the fire.

He said he did not see the fire when he went outside but it was only when he ventured upstairs and opened the door that he felt the heat. He was burnt across the forehead.

Scott started a water brigade but those efforts failed.

The man was only able to save some of his personal documents from the burning building.

Clarence scott, his wife Sandar and their son occupied the lower flat while his daughter Laverne Scott and her two grandchildren lived in the upper flat. An investigation is underway.


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