East Ruimveldt man shoots younger brother

East Ruimveldt man shoots younger brother

A 34-year-old East Ruimveldt man is nursing a gun shot wound to his right arm after being  shot by his older brother when he tried to prevent the older brother from assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.

The assailant has since gone into hiding.

According to a neighbour, the younger brother Yohan Greenidge had gone to the East Ruimveldt residence to visit his father when he realised that his older brother Anthony Greenidge and his girlfriend were involved in a heated argument.

The younger brother got involved telling the older Greenidge that he should not be abusing the woman. The older sibling became incensed of his young brother’s admonition and the two became involved in a fist fight.

Another brother, Ryan Greenidge told News Source that the older brother left the scene and returned with a gun and fired a shot at the younger sibling. The man was shot to the right arm and other relatives and neighbours became involved and rushed him to the hospital. By then, the older brother escaped and went into hiding.

Ryan Greenidge said his two brothers “are always at it and the older one does not like the young one becoming involved in his business but Yohan could not see him assaulting the girlfriend and allow it so he asked him why does he keep assaulting the woman who is five months pregnant and he became angry and started this entire thing. This is just wrong”.

The pregnant girlfriend of Anthony Greenidge remained in the home in a state of shock over the entire incident. Another relative said the older brother has been “snapping” at his girlfriend and othe family members since he returned to Guyana from French Guiana close to a year ago.

At the Georgetown Hospital, the younger brother Yohan, said he was tired of the “stupidness” and didn’t need the attention.

(FILED: 6th June 2013)

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