Execution attempt on Guyana born Attorney in Trinidad

Execution attempt on Guyana born Attorney in Trinidad

(Trinidad Express) Guyana-born attorney Odai Ramischand was on Thursday housebound, but “not intimidated”, following an attempt on his life in the car park of a supermarket near his Maracas, St Joseph home.

Ramischand, in a telephone interview yesterday, said a single shot fired by an unknown person from a van missed him “by an inch or two”, but has left him totally shaken.

Having been threatened before, Ramischand said he will not be deterred from doing his work.

“If I have to die while doing my job, so be it,” Ramischand said.

He recalled the assassination last May of his close friend, senior counsel Dana Seetahal, who he said died an honourable death. Ramischand was leaving the supermarket around 11.10 a.m., to make his way to his office, when a gold-coloured pick-up, proceeding south along Maracas Royal Road, swerved from the left lane towards him. One of the heavily-tinted windows went down, he said, and a raised hand was seen.

Ramischand said he realised an attempt was about to be made to shoot him and while he initially thought to run into the grocery, he changed his mind and stood his ground. A shot was fired that had people scampering, he said, and the bullet hit the ground nearby.

Ramischand said he then noticed another black pick-up behind the one carrying his assailant, but both vehicles then got back in lane and sped off, presumably to avoid a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle.

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