Family of 11-year-old who died after being hit to head with gate, cry out for justice

Family of 11-year-old who died after being hit to head with gate, cry out for justice

The relatives of an 11-year-old Strathspey Primary School who died hours after a gate was slammed against his head by another student at school, are crying out for justice.

The boy, Mark Harrypaul, passed away on Monday night at the Georgetown Hospital. He was admitted there in an unconscious state and never regained consciousness.

Last evening, family and friends gathered at the boy’s home, where his father, Roy Harrypaul, told News Source that the family needs justice.

“I really want justice for my son because I can’t let it down suh. They tell me the DPP is doing something and they are investigating, I don’t want no more investigation, I need justice for my son,” Harrypaul told News Source.

Chronicling the events leading up to the death of his son, the older Harrypaul explained that while in the compound of the Strathspey Primary School on Monday, his son was hit to the head by another student who had snatched a rag from his hand. He explained that while his son was chasing after the other boy, the boy slammed the gate into him.

“He got a lil gash here [to the side of his head] and I hear, some of the children said my son fall down but the teachers are not telling me that part that my child get blackout at the school,” Harrypaul said.

Harrypaul said his wife was informed by the school on the same day that the son had been involved in an altercation.

Roy Harrypaul

“Probably like 8:30pm, he start mek some funny noise and we rushed toward him. When we rushed towards him, his hand start to fold, and his foot start to be stretched out. We just pulled him off, we throw some water on him to [refresh him],” Harrypaul recalled.

He said when his son got home, he was unusually quiet, but it wasn’t until the family was preparing to retire to bed that they realised something was wrong.

The young boy was immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he passed away.

A post mortem examination was conducted on his remains, and revealed that he died as a result of “blunt trauma to the head.”

Harrypaul said his son, who was preparing the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination, had a bright future ahead of him.

“I had big, big plans for my children for next year. I had plans to take them to foreign…He also had big plans because he was telling me that whenever he done write he CXC, he want to go work ExxonMobil. He is a real respectable kid, and not that too, his mother is mek lil icicle, custard, chicken foot, and he is the one that does go and sell it every afternoon, and he does make sure he does bring in back the money,” the grieving father told News Source.

The matter is being probed by the Police. The boy who slammed the gate into the 11-year-old and his parents have since visited the home of the grieving family to offer their sympathy and an apology over the deadly incident.

The matter remains under probe.

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