Payment of salaries at GUYSUCO delayed over unavailability of funds

Payment of salaries at GUYSUCO delayed over unavailability of funds

The state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO) has informed management and staffers that their November salaries and week ending 2nd December wages will be delayed until further notice, owing to an unavailability of funds.

Workers who are paid both monthly and weekly are expecting their salaries and wages on Friday.

However, this morning a letter from the Human Resource Department informed them of the delay.

“Regrettably, the Corporation must inform you that wages (week ending December 2, 2023) and salaries (month ending November 2023) are delayed until further notice. This is due to the unavailability of funds. We appreciate your support on this delicate matter”, the letter to the workers from the Head of Human Resources, Vemen Walter stated.

News Source made repeated efforts to contact the Chief Executive Officer at GUYSUCO, Saesnarine Singh. All calls to his numbers went unanswered. Efforts to contact the HR Manager were also futile.

However, the President of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union, Seepaul Narine, told News Source that while he was informed by the company that it was experiencing some difficulty accessing funds, he still expects that the workers will receive their wages and salaries on Friday.

He said “they talked to me this morning, and our employees payday is tomorrow, thats the category we represent (the weekly). We represent some monthly and that was suppose to be due today. But they talk to me this morning and said they were facing some challenges with the availability of funds and that they are making every effortt to see if they can source the money and pay them. But they haven’t said that they don’t have money and wouldn’t pay”.

The GAWU President said it is not the first time that workers are facing a delay in their wages and salary payments. He said there were instances of workers not being paid on time, under the previous APNU+AFC Government.

Mr. Narine said he hopes that Guysuco can find the money to pay the workers, since the workers have their expectations.

“Many people in Guysuco, and even at the senior level, they exist from paycheck to paycheck”, he said.

GUYSUCO has been receiving billions of dollars in funding from the Government to support its operational and other costs. So far for this year, GUYSUCO has received over $5 Billion in Government funding, with the latest allocation of $1.5 Billion, being dolled out in the last supplementary budget.

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