Father jailed, son remanded for cocaine in suitcase handles

Father jailed, son remanded for cocaine in suitcase handles

Forty-one year old  Georgetown resident, Darren Owen Harris was sentenced to three years in jail on Monday after he pleaded guilty to a drug trafficking charge. The man and his son were arrested at the Cheddi Jagan Airport over the weekend when CANU agents found over 2 pounds of cocaine in the suitcases bearing their names.

The son, 19-year-old Darren Harris Jr. pleaded not guilty when he was charged in connection with the same offence. He has been remanded to prison. During the court appearance, the elder Harris told the Magistrate that he was responsible for putting the cocaine in the handles of his suitcases. He said his son was unaware of the presence of the illegal drugs.

However, according to the CANU Prosecutor, the younger Harris told investigators that he had been given a bag to take to the United States but was unaware of its contents. Investigators have said they were not provided with any details about the person who allegedly handed the young man the cocaine laden bag.

Last Friday, the two men were outgoing passengers on a New York bound, Caribbean Airlines flight when CANU and Police Narcotics Agents pulled them over and probed their bags, finding the cocaine in the handles of the bags.


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