Flood affected East Bank residents protest government’s relief

Flood affected East Bank residents protest government’s relief

Hundreds of residents from communities along the East Bank of Demerara who were swamped by floodwaters when a koker door fell apart, are calling on the government to offer them a better relief package.

Community representatives protested outside the Office of the President and the Agriculture Ministry on Monday morning in wake of the reported $11 Million relief package being offered. The residents explained to News Source that the figure being offered by government would result in the over 300 affected residents receiving just over $25,000 each.

“The water flood we out and destroy everything. It destroy our plants, our ducklings, our household electronics and even or beds and it was their fault and now they only want to offer $11 Million for all those people, that’s ¬†not good enough”, one protestor told News Source.

He explained that when the koker door fell apart, the water rushed into the community without any warning. An elderly protester said the flood waters reached to more than four feet in his house and he was not able to save much. He said he has lost a fridge, a stove, and other household items. The government, he noted, but  offer something a whole lot more.

“They spending money on the dead and not spending money on we”, another protester shouted. She explained that her entire house was drenched and the government has not been looking into their interests. She said the problem was caused by negligence and someone needs to repay her for all of her damaged household items.

The protesting residents said the government needs to improve its offer and have the damages properly assessed.


Filed: 8th December, 2014

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