Four more COVID-19 deaths take total to 303

Four more COVID-19 deaths take total to 303

The death toll of the COVID-19 pandemic in Guyana jumped to 303 today as four more deaths were recorded. Two of the latest victims are from Region Four while the other two are from Region Six and Region Seven.

In the past two months, the country has recorded more than 100 deaths.

The spike in new cases is also continuing. Yesterday was the first time in the past week that the daily infection rate fell below 100.

The total number of active cases in the country stands at 1,799 with 1700 of those persons in home isolation. There is growing concern that many of those in home isolation have not been following the stay at home order and may be contributing to the further spread of the virus.

The Ministry of Health is being called upon to toughen up on the COVID-19 regulations to stem the spread of the virus. However, there appears to be no move in that direction.

The updated COVID-19 measures now allow for the official reopening of casinos and betting shops. Many of them never closed their doors.

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