Government invites Opposition Parties to talks

Government invites Opposition Parties to talks

Despite the public statements from the Opposition parties that they do not intend to have any discussions with the Government during the prorogation period, the Office of the President has still dispatched invitations to the Leaders of the AFC and the APNU inviting them for talks.

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Luncheon told the media on Wednesday that the invitation letters had been dispatched and the government was hoping for a favourable response.

Opposition Leader David Granger has said that the Opposition parties do not intend to take part in any discussions because there is nothing that the President wants to discuss outside of the Parliament that cannot be discussed inside of the Parliament.

Mr. Granger said the President needs to lift his suspension of the National Assembly and face the no confidence motion that is waiting on him. The APNU has started a number of protest actions to make known its disapproval of the Presidential Proclamation to prorogue the Parliament.

The Alliance For Change is also holding out from any discussions with the Government during the prorogation period. Last Friday at a press conference, President Ramotar said he hopes that the Opposition party will accept his invitation to talks once they get over their “emotions” on the issue.

The President admitted that he prorogued the Parliament to avoid a no confidence debate and motion against his government. He said while he is confident that his party would have won the debate, he knows that the Opposition’s majority in the Parliament would have resulted in a defeat in the votes. Once the motion was passed, elections would have had to be called within three months.

The Opposition parties intend to push the no confidence motion when the Parliament meets again after the prorogation.


Filed: 19th November 2014

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