President to address prorogation position by weekend

President to address prorogation position by weekend

President Donald Ramotar is expected to make known his decision by this weekend on the way forward for the country’s political situation in wake of the Opposition Leader’s rejection of any talks with the government while the Parliament remains prorogued.

On Tuesday, President Ramotar brushed aside questions from reporters about a response to Granger’s official position. He said he will be hosting a press conference by weekend and will address the issue there.

News Source understands that the President might be getting ready to set a date for national elections early in the New Year. He could end the prorogation of the Parliament and dissolve it altogether to prepare the country for National Elections.

He had admitted that the main reason behind his prorogation of the parliament was to dodge the Opposition’s no confidence motion against his government.

The Opposition parties have pledged to move forward with that no confidence motion whenever the President lifts his suspension of the parliament. Mr. Ramotar was hoping to convince the Opposition parties to put that motion on the back burner and deal with other national issues. His efforts failed as the Opposition Leader David Granger has been clear in his statements that there will be no discussions with the government while the prorogation remains in place.

Mr. Granger on Tuesday made his position clear to the President as he responded to the President’s invitation to talks by saying there will be no such talks.

The Opposition parties believe it is time to head to the polls. And it would appear that the governing party is feeling the same way.

On Monday, the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Clement Rohee told reporters that based on the “word on the ground” from their supporters, it may be also be time to call national elections.

The last elections produced a majority in the parliament for the combined opposition parties.

Filed:  3rd December, 2014

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