Government prepared to face no confidence “challenge” -Luncheon

Government prepared to face no confidence “challenge”  -Luncheon

The Government’s Chief Spokesman, Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon wants it to be made clear that the introduction and passage of a no confidence motion against the government is not a one day affair. But he admitted that it’s a challenge that national governments would face.

Luncheon’s statements came in response to the decision of the Opposition parties to move a no confidence motion against the government. That motion is expected to be tabled in October  when Parliament comes out of recess.

The opposition parties hold the majority in the National Assembly and so the passage of the motion will set the stage for national elections after the government would have been forced to resign, in keeping with the constitution.

The President has indicated that he and his Peoples Progressive Party are ready for any snap elections.  The Opposition parties have also indicated their readiness.

The Opposition parties have been talking about the no confidence motion following the decision by the Finance Minister to spend unapproved money from the consolidated fund for projects that were thrown out in the national budget by the National Assembly. Over $4 Billion was spent.

The Opposition Leader David Granger has said the APNU is ready for national elections, noting that the political coalition has been on the campaign trail for the past eleven  months preparing for local government elections that are still to be called by the Government. The last time Guyana had local government elections was in 1994.

“It has been in the air all year and we are prepared and we are not unaware of the consequences of this decision”, Granger said, when questioned about the readiness of the Opposition to challenge the Government in national elections, before the constitutionally due date.

He said the PPP Civic government cannot be tolerated with its “unlawful behaviour and lawless behavior any longer”.

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