Government will defend its track record at no confidence debate -Luncheon

Government will defend its track record at no confidence debate  -Luncheon

The People’s Progressive Party Civic government intends to vigorously defend its “track record” when the Opposition Alliance For Change moves the No Confidence motion against the administration in October.

The PPP Civic has been in government for the past 22 years. Speaking at his weekly press briefing, the government’s Chief Spokesman, Dr. Roger Luncheon said the party does not have a choice but to participate in the debate of the motion. He said it is as if the party and its record will be going on trial, so there will be a need for a defence of that record.

“We are summoned to a trial by the Parliamentary opposition addressing charges that lead to a question of no confidence and I don’t believe that when you are summoned to a trial of that sort, you can say you are not turning up, you don’t have a choice. You have to participate and we will be there to defend the track record of this administration in parliament and the rest of Guyana, regionally and internationally”, Luncheon told reporters.

He said there is “no escape clause” that is available to the government now that it is faced with the no confidence motion. The Cabinet Secretary also shot down suggestions that the government might be able to avoid a no confidence vote by moving first to call snap elections. ┬áHe said “we need to dispense with this notion that this administration could counter the likely outcome of a no confidence motion would seek to introduce to introduce some snap elections. It would not happen”.

Luncheon who last week announced that he has put off his retirement to see the PPP Civic government through the no confidence motion and its likely outcome, has been serving as the Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Presidential Secretariat since the PPP got into power in 1992. He has sat to the decision-making side of the five Presidents who have headed the PPP government during its 22 years in office.

The Alliance For Change is moving ahead with it’s no confidence motion when the National Assembly comes out of recess in October. The larger Opposition party, A Partnership for National Unity has indicated that it will throw its full support behind the AFC motion.

The combined Opposition parties hold the majority in Parliament.

The Guyana Elections Commission has already indicated that it is in preparation mode for early elections. GECOM is already advertising for Election Agents and Officers and training programmes have started for some of those officers.

Once the no confidence motion is passed, the President will have to set a date for elections within three months.

Filed: 17th September, 2014

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